Specialist Lime Plastering

TG Specialist Lime Plastering, run by Tom Goldfinch, is one of the few plastering companies in the UK that specialises in lime plastering, carrying out high-quality work with this difficult, historical material. Tom has worked with lime plaster for 16 years, helping to maintain and improve a range of historical buildings including St Mildred’s Church and the Greyfriars Chapel in Canterbury. He also has specialist qualifications in fibrous plastering, as well as a level 2 plastering NVQ


A disappearing craft

Lime plastering is a disappearing craft. Fewer people than ever are taking on the responsibility of working with rare but characterful lime plaster, which can be difficult and temperamental. Here at TG, we take pride in using our rare skills and knowledge to make your historic buildings look as attractive and authentic as possible.

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What is lime plaster?

Lime plaster is a tough and durable form of plaster that was frequently used in construction until the 1930s. It is made of sand, water and lime. Ash, horsehair and metallic substances are sometimes added to increase durability and reduce drying time. Because of its usefulness and widely available ingredients, it has been used across the world, from Central America to China since the dawn of human civilization.

As such, it still exists in a lot of older buildings in the UK, giving them a character and strength that many modern buildings don’t possess. Owners of some listed buildings need to use lime plaster in certain places, but even if this isn’t the case, keeping and updating your lime plaster is a great way to make your home or business look authentic.

Water exposure does not soften lime plaster, unlike gypsum plaster or drywall. It’s sufficiently durable and weather-resistant to be used for exterior plastering. Lime plaster is also less brittle and cracks much less than cement plaster, requiring no expansion joints as a result. The high pH of the lime in the plaster also acts as a fungicide, preventing mould-growth in the plaster or on nearby wood. It also ages well, meaning that plaster walls survive even in the most ancient buildings….

Got a lime plastered building? It’s in good company.

The Pyramids, the Aztec Temples, the Great Wall of China and the Great Sana’a mosque built by the Prophet Muhammad: All of them were built using lime plaster because of its strength and its weatherproof, attractive finish. What else would be good enough for a building designed to amaze and inspire people for millennia to come?

When it comes to your own building, TG Specialist Lime Plastering will ensure it stays amazing for years to come.

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